Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tour guide system?

A typical tour guide system comprises a wireless microphone and a number of wireless receivers. The ‘Guide’ or ‘Interpreter’ talks into the microphone and the delegates or visitors listen to the commentary or translation through a headset or headphone. The message will get through to the visitor clearly without the guide having to shout to compete with noisy machinery or interrupt a meeting whilst they provide a translation.

The microphone can either be hand held, or a head worn or tie clip version with a belt pack transmitter. The receivers can be a head worn or headphones connected to a belt pack receiver.

Using a tour guide system means your guides won’t have to shout so they will still be in good voice at the end of a busy day; your visitors will hear every word clearly which means they are far less likely to lose interest and will remember their experience favorably.

Where is a tour guide system used?

Tour guide systems are portable and easy to use which means they can be used anywhere to overcome background noise (a factory), the need for discretion (a museum) or the need for many people to hear what is being said, makes normal conversation difficult.

Tour guide systems are used to show visitors around a factory, for training staff where machinery noise makes it hard for trainees to hear their instructors, for staff meetings on the shop floor, or for safety inductions.

Tour guide systems are ideal for any situation in a factory where it is important to get the message across above the general factory background noise. The multi- channel feature allows several different tours or groups to operate at the same time without interfering with each other.

In visitor attractions for letting visitors know what they are experiencing. Tour guide systems are superb for any guided tour, indoors or out or even on a bus! Your visitors can hear your guide without being distracted by traffic noise. The system also means that the guide can talk to many visitors at once without having to shout. This is great for sensitive areas such as places of worship and other places of interest where raising ones voice is not the ‘done thing’.

As an interpretation system in public meetings, the interpreter can simply sit at the back of the room and whisper the translation into the microphone. Delegates wish to hear the translation collect a receiver at the start of the meeting and listen in. Tour guide systems operate on different frequencies which means that several different languages can be catered for.

Why we will choose Flysound and what is difference between the digital signal transmission and analog signal transmission?

We promise provide our custom the tour guide system have good function, good audio quality, good distance, good stability and good after sale service.

Flysound provide customs all 100% digital signal transmission, we use imported high cost and high quality IC. Compare to most of old analog signal transmission, our products have below advantages:

*Digital transmission and will not get interfered by Wi-Fi, Mobil phone and others wireless products

*When the state in low signal or no signal, the receiver of digital signal will be in mute, the receiver of analog signal will be heard continuous noise

*Digital transmission makes data transmission steady-going, credible and security strong. Support multi-group use at same place and no interference.

*Digital transmission conforms to the requirement EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) of CE, analog signal failed for these requirements.

1. How long the charging time and use time for your tour guide system?

For our all tour guide system with lithium battery, the charging time is about 4 hours; use time is about 9-10 hours for transmitter and 14-15 hours for receiver after full charging.

2. How long the distance?

Generally, the distance for all models tour guide system can reach more than 100 meters in the open air.

3. Does your tour guide system has lanyard for people or tourist can hang on the neck?

ATG01 has belt pin one the back, ATG02, ATG03, ATG04 and STG Series have the lanyard which can be hang around neck for visitor.

4. Your products are analogue transmission or digital transmission?

Different from other similar products on the market, our all products is real digital transmission; it will not get interfered each other and Wi-Fi. It can support multi groups’ use at same time and no interfered with each other.

5. Why your products is expensive than some other suppliers?

Generally speaking, you will find our price is very competitive on the similar products on the market. Firstly, our products is real digital transmission, the cost will much higher than the products with analogue transmission; Secondly, our lithium battery is the new type polymer lithium battery, it is different the general lithium battery, much Safer and more environmentally friendly.

6. What is the accessory included in your tour guide system?

Microphone for transmitter, earplug for receiver and charger for the tour guide system with lithium battery.

7. How about the warranty?

The warranty period is one year (not included accessories). Generally, our defect products is less than 1%, since we have very strictly quality control, we will test one by one to make sure everything is ok before shipping.

8. How about the shipment and how long we can receive the package?

We have reliable shipping company and we will recommend the best and cheapest way for express depend on different country. Generally, we will keep enough stock and can make shipment once receiving payment. It will take 3-5 working days to arrive.

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