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SLT02 Smart Voice Translator

SLT02 Smart Voice Translator SLT02 Smart Voice Translator SLT02 Smart Voice Translator SLT02 Smart Voice Translator

 Spec of portable voice translator:

1. Touch Screen.(Sensitive touch screen makes operation easy.)
2. 52 Multi-Languages translation.(52 languages can be translated into each other.)
3. Real-time translation.(Can translate within 1 second.)
4. Accuracy reaches 98%
5. Can translate 2-3 minutes' speech. (More accurate translation in 1 minute.)
6. Sounds great. (It has a bigger voice than cell phone, so we can hear clearly even in
noisy environment.)
7. Portable. (Small size, easy to carry.)
8. Has playback function. (If the people does not hear clearly can circulatory play.)

Operating system
Andriod 6.0
translator Size
14.4cm x5.6cm x1.2cm
Screen Size
Support language
52 languages
Text Display
Standby Time
7 days
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charging time
2 hours
Working time
6 hours
Net weight
Cross weight


Features of Smart Language Translator Device


1,Simultaneous interpretation in 52 languages.

Arabic, Polish, Danish, German, Russian, French, Canada, French, Korean, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Thai, Greek, Spanish, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, English, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Chinese Hong Kong Cantonese, Indonesian, English Australia, English India, Catalan, English, American, Hebrew, Hindi, Norwegian, Slovak, Finnish, Vietnamese)


2,Network,This device supports WIFI and hotspot,  Please select the networking mode according to the current actual use environment.

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