IM01 Interview Microphone


     1. Latest Upgraded Digital Wireless Microphone Headset: Adopt advanced UHF (ultra high frequency) wireless transmission tech,coupled with a new digital display screen, the volume and channel are clearly presented on the screen. Signal stability, no delay, no radiation, anti-howling, anti-interference, constant frequency, clearer sound quality. Compatible with various types of voice amplifiers.

    2. New design and modeling, unique sound reinforcement experience: The light touch switch is more sensitive than the traditional push-pull switch, more convenient and fast wireless transmission, and there will be no push-pull failure. Rotatable CD pattern adjustable knob allows you to fit the Angle of the microphone, non-slip and sweat-proof goose neck helps you don't have to worry about sweat stains interfering with your use in the summer.

    3. 2 in 1 UHF wireless headset microphone: not just a wireless microphone that can be worn on the head. You can also split it into a hand-held microphone. Lightweight and comfortable, exquisite appearance, small size and easy to carry, farewell to the long cable. This head-mounted wireless headset allows you to move around more freely and show yourself. It is ideal for fitness coaches, teachers and dance coaches.

    4. Wide Compatibility: UHF wireless microphone can be used with voice amplifier / high power speaker / portable pa system / mixer/ karaoke microphone speaker system. We also provide adapters from 3.5mm to 6.35mm to help you make more choices. (The PC has no sound amplification)

    5. Never Miss It: UHF Digital Screen Wireless headset microphone are easy to pair, suitable for teaching, fitness guidance, public speaking, trainers, stage performers, business dialogues, conferences, promotions, web podcasts, conferences,YouTube, outdoor singing, yoga coaches, ball game podcasts, etc.


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